celebrating 2 years of hungry, with a korean family feast. thank you all for your support, what a fantastic adventure it’s been.

happy holidays + happy new year, from our hungry family, to yours. see you all in 2014!

the southern korean table: a classic korean meal with inflections of the american south. our collaboration with egg restaurant. november 7th, 2013. brooklyn, ny.

hungry family! our next event, an exciting collaboration with egg restaurant, is less than one week away. you don’t want to miss this special dinner, celebrating two delicious + distinct food cultures. tickets are limited + available here. we look forward to eating with you!




Together with Brooklyn breakfast mainstay eggwe will be bringing you a classic Korean meal with inflections of the American South. 

Thursday, November 7, 7:30 PM
135 N 5th St (between Berry & Bedford)
Brooklyn, NY 11211

Buy tickets here



well, save the date: thursday, november 7.

we’ve got a dinner in the works, friends. it will be the start of a new and very exciting collaboration for us.

stay tuned to hear more soon! 

Otherwise known as Korean Thanksgiving!


Chuseok is a major holiday in Korea. The holiday celebrates the harvest season and always occurs near the autumnal equinox. It is a time to pay respects to elders and ancestors to encourage an abundant harvest. 

In South Korea, the whole country shuts down - businesses close, schools go on break and traffic is mayhem. It is one of the only times of year that you’ll see Seoul slow down and get quiet. People escape the cities to the countryside to visit the graves of passed relatives and visit their elders. But never without elaborately packaged gift boxes of delicate duk (rice cakes), precious perfect fruits and the most treasured of all - SPAM. 

Mike and Yuri were in Seoul this time last year visiting Yuri’s family.

Here’s a peak at her aunt’s Chuseok table:


With her uncle at the family’s private cemetery:


And that SPAM gift set:


Top photo: no source listed. Let me know if it’s yours!
Bottom three photos: whyokay

Spanish Hipster, a couple’s gorgeous take on their every bite, checks out Community Table, a gem in Washington, CT. 

Don’t you want to fall into this carbonara vortex?


It’s been a healthy week full of veggies and exercising… but sometimes a girl just needs her runny eggs, salty cheese, animal fat and pasta. This dish is one of our favorite cure-alls!

Bucatini alla Carbonara


You’ll need:

  • 3 Tbsp. extra virgin olive oil
  • 6 oz. pancetta,…

We got to pitch in on a holiday-themed dinner for the region of Bordeaux recently. We had a great time with Tasting Table and CreativeFeed!

It was the hottest day of the summer but cool and cozy inside. 

The meal, starring wine selects by the extraordinary sommelier Daniel Johnnes, featured:

*Shrimp and red snapper ceviche with heirloom tomato, orange and fennel pollen with saffron/fennel tuile

*Smoked and grilled seafood with chorizo

*Cabernet-braised lamb sliders with onion jam

*Roast turkey roulade with Bordelaise gravy

Twice baked potatoes with Bordeaux cheeses 

Haricots verts with shiitakes, shallot and anchovy-herb vinaigrette 

*Apple, rosemary and honey galette with whipped goat cheese



TONIGHT! #GetYourGreenOn

food snaps from mike and yuri’s trip to mexico city. barely scratches the surface - from roadside al pastor to homemade huitlacoche omelets to late night wedding chilaquiles. everyone go. now.


(via purpleishboots)

4th of july..! we hope you all had a hungry + happy celebration.